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Composer - Producer - Musician 

A wildly innovative and versatile artist, Neeta is a musician, vocalist, composer/producer, sound designer & software developer. You'll find her straddling all kinds of boundaries – whether that's between genres (like dark ambient and RnB, Indian fusion and synth pop, trip-hop and cinematic); or the relationship between new technology and live performance.


Her schedule sees her creating sample packs for Ampify one day, to writing theme tunes for BBC the following day, to unveiling interactive AI music software at the Science Museum the next. Most recently, Neeta has been working in theatre as a composer, musical director, band leader & performer. Her work includes leading a 3-piece soulful house band for sold out show 'Love Reign' (Young Vic), and composing/performing for  eco themed one-woman musical 'How To Save The Planet When You're A Young Carer And Broke'  (Roundhouse). 

A classically trained pianist, Neeta grew up hearing kirtan and bollywood in the family home, whilst listening to RnB, garage and folk songwriters, before discovering a deep passion for all things technology and electronica. 

As a solo artist, she blends this melting pot of influences to create her brand of soulful, groovy, experimental electronica. With a passion for sampling, her music is scattered with sounds and synths she created out of everyday objects like stones, twigs, kettles and hairdryers. Her latest EP 'Beechwood' is a record created almost entirely of these unique sounds. This follows on from her debut solo album 'Beat Tape Vol 1' in 2021.


Neeta's solo live performances are a majestic experience which see her looping & multi-tasking between an elaborate set-up of synthesizers, drum pads and midi controllers, whilst interweaving her delicate, ethereal vocals. 

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