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Audio QC Engineer: Neeta Sarl

Thank you for reviewing my application and considering me for this role 


Role: Composer, Producer 

About:  For 'Business, Technology & Innovation' library album by West One Music Group, this track was written to a brief that detailed a playful & quirky tone; with direction on structure, length and suggested instrumentation also included.

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Meraqi - Contours

Role: Composer (Co-written), Producer, Engineer (Recording/Mix), Keys, Vocals, Additional Programming 

About: Working collaboratively as composers, 4-piece group Meraqi (drums, bass/guitar, keys/vocals, violin) has provided me with invaluable experience recording/producing/mixing live instrumentation.

neeta bluedot_edited.jpg

Neeta - Snake

Role: Composer, Producer, Engineer (Recording/Mix/Master) 

About: Created for South Asian focussed label and collective 'Daytimers', Snake is an example of darker, dancier elements I incorporate into my production.

00:00 / 05:13
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