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It's A Bleep Year

An electronic music night for music producers & electronic musicians to connect & play.

 🕰  Feb 25th, 6 - 9.30pm
📍    Open Source Arts, Leeds

Please note this is a closed group by invitation of the core family (Angela, Lee & Neeta). 

We'd love this to develop into an inspiring collective of regulars and allow everyone invited to invite people too, but whilst we're still establishing ourselves and the night, we're keeping numbers low & vibes high. Can't wait for the next!

6 - 7.15pm: Improv Games/Structured Jam

7.30 - 9pm: Free Jam

9pm: Packdown

Love & Bleeps, 

Angela, Lee, Neeta & Phil

ABOUT the night...

🎹   A monthly Sunday meet specifically aimed at music producers & electronic musicians to connect and play. Musicians and players are welcome, but it must be within the realm of electronics.


🎵   The first half will be structured, consisting of improvised games/exercises and the second half will  be a free jam. 


🔌   Number of jammers will be limited to 7/8 plugged in at one time - but more are welcome to join the space. When there's more people than slots, then we operate a dip in and out situation like an open mic, respectful of one and other so everyone gets a chance to play/appreciate the vibes.

⚙️   We have a PA, mixing desk and a collection of fun toys to play with. Feel free to bring laptop/gear/instrument , or you can simply turn up and play with ours!

🎥   We're looking to record and possibly film this if everyone feels comfortable 


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